PoE Starter Bundle

Buy Starter Bundle! Level up swiftly to 90, conquer the challenging Labyrinths, and complete your Atlas with ease, and gain access 4 voidstones. This carefully crafted bundle ensures a smooth transition to endgame content, sparing you from the grind.

Elevate your Path of Exile experience today with the Starter Bundle – your shortcut to supremacy! Unleash the power within, and conquer Wraeclast like never before. Check out this unbeatable offer now!

PoE Starter Bundle FAQ
  • What is the Path of Exile Starter Bundle?

The Path of Exile Starter Bundle is a specially curated package designed to enhance your gaming experience by providing essential items and accelerating your journey through Wraeclast.

  • What does the Starter Bundle include?

The bundle includes leveling up to 90, completion of 4 Labyrinths, Atlas completion (115 maps), and 4 voidstones. Additionally, you’ll receive in-game currency and valuable items discovered during the service.

  • How does the leveling process work?

Our service ensures a swift leveling experience up to level 90, allowing you to bypass the early-game grind and dive straight into the more challenging aspects of the game.

  • Is the Starter Bundle suitable for new players?

Absolutely! The Starter Bundle is crafted to cater to both new and experienced players, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to progress in Path of Exile.

  • Can I customize the character build as part of the service?

The service does not include creating a custom character build. However, the bundle is designed to set you up for success, and you can tailor your character further based on your preferences.

  • How long is the Starter Bundle available?

The Starter Bundle is available for purchase now. Take advantage of this opportunity to expedite your journey through Wraeclast and enjoy the benefits it offers.

  • Leveling up 1-90;
  • 4 labyrinths completion;
  • Atlas completion (115 maps);
  • 4 voidstones;
  • Currency and valuable items received during the service.
  • Submit an order, and we will reach out to you via our live chat or by sending an email.
  • We’ll discuss all the details in advance and schedule a start time that suits your availability.
    In-game, you will receive a friend request. Please accept it and join the boosters’s party if you choose selfplay.
  • Avoid typing anything beyond basic greetings in the in-game chat, especially anything that suggests a purchase. These precautions are vital to safeguard your account.
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