PoE Chaos Orbs delivery service


In Sentinel League, you can order any number of Chaos Orbs and trade them for the gear you choose! Path of Exile’s Chaos Orb is one of the game’s most important elements. It is one of the most important and widely used currencies. Chaos Orb saves its worth throughout the course of a League, allowing you to purchase the gear you require.

In making, Chaos Orbs are useful because they reroll modifiers on a rare item. ‘Chaos spamming’ is the term for this method of manufacturing new gear. As a result, the results are unexpected, and finding a specific modifier is difficult. You’ll require a large number of these orbs. It can take a long time to grind these orbs.

Don’t waste your time on a monotonous task. Use our Chaos Orbs farming services to save time!

All prices are negotiable, message us and we will find the best offers for the current day!


How our service works:

  • Choose your desired amount of orbs and place your order;
  • We’ll get in direct contact with you via our live chat or discord;
  • All of the details will be negotiated in advance, and the start time will be arranged based on your availability.
  • We will meet at a place in the game then trade Chaos orbs to you, which is fast and safe;
  • IMPORTANT: Place any RARE item in a trade window. It must not be UNIQUE, MAGIC, or any other category other than RARE.
  • In-game chat, do not write anything other than greetings. Anything that suggests a purchase, in particular;
  • Both of these factors are critical for your account’s security.
  • Enjoy spending your orbs! Don’t forget to give us a rating on Trustpilot.



Why are Chaos orbs required in Path of Exile?

Chaos orbs are a type of currency that can be used in transactions between players and in crafting. You can use Chaos orb to re-roll modifiers on rare equipment. Although modifiers are random, it can be difficult to find the ones you need. Players frequently begin to “chaos spam,” putting Chaos orbs on their armor in the hopes of getting lucky.


How do you get chaos orbs?

There is really one way to obtain chaos orbs: you must farm a lot. It could be different locations, such as Delve or Heist, but you need devote a significant amount of effort to obtaining Chaos orbs. The alternative option is quick and easy. You can simply message us to purchase any number of Chaos orbs you require!


Is it possible to get chaos orbs through a vendor?

Farming creatures, crates, and destructible containers will yield Chaos orbs. In Path of Exile, you can get Chaos orbs by using vendor “complete rare set” recipes. This recipe requires the purchase of a complete set of equipment. The ilvl range for things should be between 60 and 74. As a result, you’ll receive a set number of Chaos orbs PoE, based on the item level of all the gear parts you used to complete the process. For the basic set, you can get one Chaos orb; two Chaos orbs if all of your items are unidentified or of 20% quality; and three Chaos orbs if all of your items are unidentified AND of 20% quality.


How rare are the chaos orbs?

Chaos Orb drops at a rate of roughly 1.652 percent, which is quite low. On the other hand, you’ll need a LOT of Chaos Orbs, not just a handful. Especially if you plan on using the Chaos spam crafting method!

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