PoE League Starter Build Service


Here’s where you can get a League Starter Build! The most effective new player builds. We’ll progress your character up to level 70 for you. Don’t waste time generating new builds when we’ve already done it!

Any novice player may be daunted by the seemingly endless possibilities for developing builds. You can waste days of your life attempting to perfect your build, and the end result can be disastrous. Alternatively, if you search for guidelines and locate a build that is appropriate for your activities, you may waste a lot of time grinding the goods you require. Our professional boosters performed thorough research to identify the best-performing beginning builds. Get our boosting services instead of wasting your time on this pointless grind. PoE League starter building service – perfect choice if you wants to starts enjoying new content asap.

All prices are negotiable, message us and we will find the best offers for the current day!


This Service includes:

  1.  Starting build of your choice:
    • Poisonous Concoction (good overall);
    • Seismic Trap (boss killer);
    • Skeleton Mage (safe clearing, good defensives).
  2.  1-70 leveling.
  3.  The build comes with all of the gems and items you’ll need.
  4.  1-hour coaching – our expert will walk you through the build and answer all of your PoE questions if you need it.


Additional options aka make your build more powerful:

  1. 2nd grade of build:
    • Investment of 60 Exalted Orbs;
    • Increasing your character’s level to 90;
    • Build Capabilities – medium content maps for Meaven, Sirus, Uber Elder/Shaper, Cortex, and Blight.
  2.  3rd grade of build, ultimate:
    • Investment of 120 Exalted Orbs;
    • Increasing your character’s level to 95;
    • Build Capabilities – 30 Waves Simulacrum, The Feared, Uber Blight map – ready for anything high-end.


How our service works:

  • Choose your desired options and place your order;
  • We’ll get in direct contact with you via our live chat or discord;
  • All of the details will be negotiated in advance, and the start time will be arranged based on your availability.
  • We’ll find you a qualified booster who can work with your schedule;
  • Our professional player will take your character and begin boosting at the set time;
  • We’ll let you know when the race is over.
  • Enjoy your content conquering ready character! Don’t forget to give us a rating on Trustpilot.


The Poisonous Concoction build makes use of an unarmed attack skill gem that may be used to hurl an exploding bottle. It offers slow ticking area damage, thus players that want loads of quick damage may find this build a little slow. However, because red maps can be cleared with minimal effort, this Starter Build is ideal for inexperienced players looking to try a new League. With League Start Builds’ boosting service, you can get this setup quickly.

The Seismic Trap build focuses on laying explosive traps on the ground while also doing ticking damage and ending with a more powerful burst. It’s especially helpful for beginner players because it allows them to eliminate big groups of creatures with only a few traps. However, it takes hours and a lot of Orbs to develop this build. As a result, purchasing our League Starting bundle is the ideal alternative.

Skeleton Mage wields the artifact Dead Reckoning, which transforms all skeletons into mage-skeletons capable of dealing immense damage. Because all summoned creatures deal the majority of your damage, this Starter build has a unique playstyle: you summon minions who deal damage instead of you. Add a unique coaching option to learn more about this strong build, and our pro will explain how it works.

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