Torghast Tower Boost.

Purchasing the Torghast Boost gives you a week’s worth of soul cinders and soul ash to create legendary items, as well as Tower Knowledge for Box of many things talent tree. You can order from us any level of Torghast completion, as well as 5 stars guaranteed run and Adamant Vaults.

What you get:

  1.  Run of choosen layer of Torghast (1-16).
  2. Soul Ash drops based on the layer level.
  3. Soul Cinders drops based on the layer level (only from 8-16).
  4. Tower Knowledge for  Box of Many Things talent tree.
  5. You can order as much of runs as you need to craft legendary item of your choose, there is no lockout.
  6. Transmogs and toys chance dropped during the runs.
  7. 5 stars run of Layers 12 ( Flawless) – is a part of achievement required to get Mawsworn Charger.


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