Great Vault Weekly Package boosting service

The Great Vault at Dragonflight gives you the opportunity to obtain items of maximum item level (up to 421!), once a week.This package gives you the choice of the number and quality of items to choose from your weekly chest.


What you get:

  1. You can choose from several pre-packaged options to get the best selection of items in the weekly Great Vault.
  2. x1 / x4 / x8 Mythic+ runs at the selected difficulty.
  3. Vault of the Incarnates boost for best possible raid gear in Great Vault.
  4. Ranked Honor farm ( 1250/ 2500/ 5000) for options with Player vs Player gearing Great Vault.

Take note – the quality of items to choose from in the Great Vault depends on the level of the passed keys, the difficulty of the Raid ( normal/heroic/mythic), and the maximum pvp rating in one of the brackets 2×2, 3×3 or RBG for PvP rewards.


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