Buy WoW Classic Season of Mastery 1-60 leveling boost


WoW Classic Season of Mastery 1-60 level boost with a custom range – choice of players who wants to play their characters straight on level 60 without weeks of exhausting level grind! Since seasons are very defined in time, reaching level 60 as quickly as possible is critical. You can also choose options like 100% epic speed mount and couple of professions so we can absolutely prepare your character for enjoy end-game.

All prices are negotiable, message us and we will find the best offers for the current day!

This service includes:

  1. Custom 1-60 character powerleveling.
  2. Start in any time.
  3. 100% Season of Mastery XP boosted by our professional boosters via only manual labor, without the use of bots and automation.
  4. Livestream is possible.
  5. VPN security for perfect account protection.


  • Leveling speed – to suit your needs, cost varies based on this option.
  • Add an Amazing 100% mount – we’ll get you an epic mount to help you with your future adventures;
  • Add 300 Level Professions – Choose professions for your level 60 character that you want to max out.