Since the initial announcement of the original World of Warcraft Classic, fans of Blizzard’s arguably most well-known gaming series have been filled with hope. Numerous leaks also suggested that further expansions might be re-released after WoW Classic. The Burning Crusade, which was unveiled a short while after, put all skepticism to rest and confirmed that they will one day bring back the storied expansion that many people consider to be the best in WoW’s history.

Wrath of the Lich King is finally relaunching on the official Blizzard servers, 14 years after its initial release. The story arc of one of the main characters in the Warcraft Universe is concluded in this brilliant add-on, which has been somewhat updated, refined, and improved for the players’ convenience. It also offers plenty of new content.

WotLK crucial changes

The following is a list of WotLK’s key innovations compared to earlier expansions that will improve and simplify player life.

Lands of northrend

Wrath Of the Lich King - what to expect? 6

The legendary island in Azeroth’s north, destined to be Scourge’s birthplace, has opened its doors to both factions. To be honest, the Alliance and Horde are compelled to travel to Northrend in order to save the world from the threat posed by the Lich King. Beginning at level 68, players can receive special quests in faction capitals and embark on an expedition to the North to combat evil’s forces.
There are 11 new zones in total, including the terrifying Icecrown Citadel, the rattling jungle of Sholazar Basin, the undead-infested Zul-Drak, and others. You can begin your journey in the eastern Howling Fjords or the western Borean Tundra (leveled from levels 68 to 72).

Fresh Realms

Blizzard understands how much the community adores WotLK. As a result, they know how many players will be present. As a result, Blizzard will create new virgin realms to ensure that everyone has equal rights and progression. They begin with the pre-patch because some servers have a significant imbalance of factions, and adding new ones will allow all players to start from scratch. At the very least in the beginning. Buying booster coins (to instantly reach level 70) is also prohibited on these realms, and character transfers are not permitted during the first 90 days. Here’s the official blizzard message:

Kaivax – (Source)

With the launch of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch, we intend to open “Fresh Start” realms for players who wish to experience starting a new character and playing alongside a new community of others.

In addition to fulfilling a request we’ve heard from players for a long time, we expect there to be a lot of new Classic players joining us for the first time in Wrath of the Lich King, and some of them may be concerned that they’ll feel behind. Fresh Start realms should give those players a chance to feel as though they’re on an even playing field with everyone else.

These realms will be Wrath of the Lich King Classic realms from day one, so when they launch, they’ll have all of the talent trees and player abilities coming with Wrath of the Lich King Classic, but all players will start new characters at level 1. Fresh Start realms will also come with a few stipulations:

  • For at least 90 days, you will not be allowed to boost a character on Fresh Start realms.
  • For at least 90 days, Fresh Start realms will not be available destinations for character transfers.
  • Death Knights cannot be created on these realms without a level 55 character on that same realm.

All of the WoW Classic and Burning Crusade dungeons and zones will be unlocked and available on these realms. On all realms, Northrend will be locked until Wrath’s official launch day.

As a reminder, this is one of several steps we’re taking over the next few months to prepare for Wrath Classic:

  • PvE to PvP transfer restrictions removed*
  • Wrath Classic closed beta test
  • Classic Era clone service retired
  • Existing realms consolidated**
  • New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic pre-patch
  • Wrath of the Lich King launch

*This will include the removal of the restriction on having characters of both factions on a PvP realm.

**Before we consolidate realms, we’re going to remove the restriction on the number of characters you can create on each realm, up to the limit of 50 characters per account.

Ultimately, we hope to see players spread out onto all of the available realms as Wrath of the Lich King Classic approaches. For players looking for a chance at faction balance, we’re hopeful that by starting fresh, they’ll have a chance to stay balanced for a long time. For players looking for a chance to level up in dungeons, we hope the presence of other leveling players makes that more likely.

We’re excited about all of this, and we hope you’re excited about it too. We’ll see you in Azeroth!

Despite the fact that the fresh servers you start from scratch – you can order a quick leveling and gearing with our service, just contact our manager and we will choose the best package for you.

Death Knight - as a new class

Death Knight

Even now, Death’s best servants are one of the most popular classes. After spurning the darkness from their hearts, WoW WotLK Classic Death Knights are a melee class that can either tank (by controlling their own HP through AoE self-healing and plate armor) or deal damage in two ways: ice (Frost spec) or death (Unholy spec).
“While Death Knights are limited to one per server and require a level 55 character on that server to create, in Wrath Classic, we will be bypassing that requirement for a player’s first Death Knight,” according to the official WotLK Classic announcement. Death Knights begin the game in their own unique location, and while you complete all of the quests there (in order), you will be able to progress to the next level” as official announcement said. 

New Dungeons and Raids in WotLK

All players can access a ton of instanced content in Wrath of the Lich King. The way things were handled in The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King are very different from one another.

All 5-man dungeons will have a heroic variant, although the instances no longer have reputation requirements because the heroic keying/attunement has been removed. Additionally, loot tables for heroics will be different from those for normal difficulties.

With the addition of 10-man and 25-man raid instances, more players will have access to end-game content. Naturally, the rewards from the 25-man raids will be of greater quality, but this gives players who might not have been able to access earlier end-game content due to advancement barriers the opportunity to engage in the same encounters and occurrences as their hard-core relatives. These raids can be finished independently of one another, allowing you to perform both the 10-man and 25-man variants of a raid in the same week if you so desired.

All dungeons and Raids list:


Utgarde Keep (70 – 72)

Utgarde Pinnacle (80)

The Nexus (71 – 73)

The Oculus (80)

Azjol-Nerub (72 – 74)

Ahn’kahet (73 – 75)

Drak’Tharon Keep (74 – 76)

The Violet Hold (75 – 77)

Gundrak (76 – 78)

Halls of Stone (77 – 79)

Halls of Lightning (80)

Stratholme Past (80)

Dual Spec for Talents

One of the revolutionary inventions. Players can now acquire a second specialization and switch between them whenever they like. Just pay your trainer 1000 gold to learn it. After all, in TBC, individuals grew weary of rushing around and constantly reassigning talents. And if you have any problems with gold – our service always here with eternal stocks on all servers!

Therefore, your skill build is automatically switched to a pre-set one with the aid of two clicks. Change your gear, don’t forget!

Inscription as new profession

inscription 1

Similar to enchanting, inscription allows players to make empowering scrolls (like the ones that monsters and mobs used to drop from all throughout the game) and improve their weapons and abilities. You will require ink for inscribing from the Milling sub-profession; you can make pigments for inscribing by parsing herbs using the Herbalism skill. Additionally, you can design glyphs that either improve an item’s abilities or just change its appearance.

Also, all professions now have a skill maximum of 450 instead of 375.

Additional important changes

LFG System

Blizzard first introduced an automatic group finder in the original WOTLK. Players might easily look for instance companions thanks to it. Since it removed communication, one of World of Warcraft’s core components, the community did not appreciate it.

The Burning Crusade’s existing system, in which you can post an ad searching for a group of companions and write a brief comment, will be comparable to the new LFG system. Parties will need to be put together by you on your own. Isn’t that the whole point of an MMORPG?

Mounts now have their own tab and are no longer stored in your inventory;
Flying horses are available at level 77, however at level 80, one can buy Tome of Cold Weather Flight to transfer to your low-leveled characters to enable them to fly starting at level 68;
There are now barbers, allowing you to change your hairdo whenever you like;
new NPC races;
the ability to transfer legacy items across characters;
Shamans and Druids can now use items in their shapeshifting forms.

WotLK Phases in order

Following the confirmation of WoW WotLK Classic, it became obvious to gamers that they would see its illustrious content revived. Here is the lineup, despite the lack of precise phase release dates. Consequently, there are five stages:

  1. The original version of the game includes Naxxramas, The Eye of Eternity, and The Obsidian Sanctum;
  2. The first significant patch, “Secrets of Ulduar,” introduces The Ulduar raid;
  3. “Call of the Crusade” introduces Trial of the Crusader and Onyxia’s Lair, as well as new PvP Battlegrounds and Arena Seasons;
  4. “Fall of the Lich King” phase opens Icecrown Citadel

Brand new Arena and PvP Content in WotLK

pvp wotlk

For PvP equipment, version 3.3.5 includes a new grading system. The greatest gear is only gained by conquering the Arena: right now Gladiator sets are only available for taking part in Arena Seasons. People may still create top-tier sets by farming Battlegrounds for Honor or merely battling in the open world. Therefore, it appears that the game’s Arena is its most significant PvP component.

The WotLK Classic will include four PvP seasons. They all have WotLK PvP Titles as a result:

Deadly Gladiator, from the Deadly Season
Furious Gladiator, from the Furious Season
Season of Relentless – Relentless Gladiator
And last is a Wrathful Gladiator title

Additionally, WotLK introduces new PvP locations: the new BG is Strand of the Ancients; the Orgrimmar Arena and the Dalaran Arena; and Lake Wintergrasp, an open-world place where you can engage in PvP and receive a variety of rewards.

Lake Wintergrasp

Wintergrasp Lake

The PvP game-changer from Blizzard is Lake Wintergrasp. A completely original concept that introduces traditional battleground siege PvP to the Open World zone. Additionally, the faction who wins the zone gains access to a special raid to complete (Vault of Archavon). Starting at level 75, players are able to take part in the combat by traveling to the location via battlemasters in major cities or by foot alone. 120 players from each faction are also participating in this action.

Once every two and a half hours, the siege begins. The attacking side constructs siege vehicles and equipment and tries to seize the land while the defending side keeps the citadel for the predetermined 30 minutes.

Wintergrasp Lake contains a total of eight main places of conflict, including the Wintergrasp Fortress itself, three Attacker’s Towers, four workshops that make siege vehicles, and four Attacker’s Towers. The better your PvP level, the better vehicles you can drive.

Even with the 8.1.5 patch of the Battle For Azeroth expansion, the developers brought back the fabled battle to surprise the fans because Lake Wintegrasp was so well-liked during WOTLK. You can obtain the Wintergrasp’s Mark of Honor, Stone Keeper’s Shards, and a dozen more tasks in this brand new PvP zone.

Factions & Achievements

Achievements are what a true Warcrafter wants, right? everything for which Classic World of Warcrafts fans have been patiently waiting

The achievement system, which Blizzard introduced with the third expansion and which gamers have praised, will encourage players to complete material as well as spice up and diversify gameplay.

Achievements are awarded to players for a variety of tasks, such as killing numerous creatures, completing instances, completing PvP content, leveling, choosing a profession, collecting mounts and pets, traveling the globe, fulfilling missions, gaining reputation, etc. On a specific tab, the whole list of potential achievements is available (Y button by default).

Players no longer have to select a certain faction to grind reputation, which is a huge departure from the last expansion. The players are the reason Blizzard did it. Simply put on a certain tabard and farm monsters at level 80 since there are no attunements. In this way, the reputation-building process evolved into a serene pastime for the gamers. You’ll get great features and accomplishments for your rep.

In total, WotLK contains a number of minor groups that players will run against while exploring Northrend. The remaining units stand for the Nexus dragons, Skourge’s enemies, and the local tribes, with the obvious exceptions of the Alliance Vanguard and Horde Expedition.

Players can frequently assemble pretty good armor for any class, as well as necessary accessories and attractive weapons, by earning reputation. These are undoubtedly not on par with raid drops, but the majority of them are listed in the BiS pre-raid set lists.


However, in addition to this, it is important to draw attention to the following items:

The official release date has already been announced – September 26. Get ready to conquer Northrend with our service, 24/7!