Diablo 4 Materials

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What are Materials in Diablo 4?

Materials in Diablo 4 are essential items used for crafting, upgrading equipment, and various in-game activities. They include Herbs, Monster Parts, Ores, and Skins.

How can I acquire Materials?

Materials can be obtained through enemy or boss drops, completing quests, and finding them inside crates or chests. Each material serves a specific purpose in the crafting ecosystem.

Are there different categories of Crafting Materials?

Yes, Diablo 4 categorizes crafting materials into 23 distinct types, including Herbs, Monster Parts, Ores, and Skins. Each category has a unique role in the crafting process.

How is the inventory managed for Crafting Materials?

Crafting materials are conveniently stored in a designated inventory space, and they don’t occupy traditional inventory slots. This allows players to collect and store materials without worrying about limited space.

Can I automatically collect Crafting Materials?

Yes, Diablo 4 introduces an auto-pickup feature for crafting materials. While items like Equipment and Gems require manual collection, materials such as Gold, Herbs, and Ores are gathered automatically by walking over them.

Which NPCs are involved in Crafting in Diablo 4?

Four key NPCs play vital roles in crafting:

  • Alchemist: Creates Potions and Elixirs.
  • Blacksmith: Salvages and upgrades items.
  • Jeweler: Inserts sockets and Gems.
  • Occultist: Enchants items and crafts legendaries.

How do Rarities affect Crafting Materials?

Diablo 4 features varying item rarities, such as Common, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Unique. Rarities influence the properties and potency of items, with Unique items being exceptionally rare and powerful.

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