Lost Ark Gold


Purchase Lost Ark Gold to hasten your journey! On any server, any amount. Purchasing gold from our service is easy and secure. Your character’s progress can be greatly aided with gold. You can use Gold to buy consumable items on the Auction House or convert it to Royal Crystals in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Gold is one of the MMORPG’s various currencies. However, it is difficult to deny that it is one of the most essential forms of payment in the game, which you will require on a regular basis. You can not only enhance your gear, but you can also utilize it as currency in the Auction House to trade with other players. Because most in-game things aren’t attached to a character or account and thus may be sold, you can buy practically anything in-game with enough Lost Ark Gold: armor, skins, engravings, potions, and so on. Even items acquired with real money currency may usually be sold and purchased for gold at an auction house.


How our service works:

  • Please leave your 100% correct character name when placing an order
  • Please stay online in-game after placing an order
  • Auction is used to transfer the gold (Safest method, 100% guarantee)
  • With the buyout, you can list an item in your Auction House. (You must have a level of 250 in trading things.)
  • We do not pay the 5% trading fees, thus the buyout must be equal to the amount you paid (e.g. 1K gold, then buyout 1,000)
  • Your item is purchased by our deliverer, and you are given your gold.
  • Enjoy spending your resources! Don’t forget to give us a rating on Trustpilot.