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Criteria for ranking in Season of Mastery:

  • 1 Rank (Private/Scout) – At least 15 Honorable Kills
  • 2 Rank (Corporal/Grunt) – 2000 Rating
  • 3 Rank (Sergeant/Sergeant) – 5000 Rating
  • 4 Rank (Master Sergeant/Senior Sergeant) – 10000 Rating
  • 5 Rank (Sergeant Major/First Sergeant) – 15000 Rating
  • 6 Rank (Knight/Stone Guard) – 20000 Rating
  • 7 Rank (Knight-Lieutenant/Blood Guard) – 25000 Rating
  • 8 Rank (Knight-Captain/Legionnaire) – 30000 Rating
  • 9 Rank (Knight-Champion/Centurion) – 35000 Rating
  • 10 Rank (Lieutenant-Commander/Champion) – 40000 Rating
  • 11 Rank (Commander/Lieutenant-General) – 45000 Rating
  • 12 Rank (Marshal/General) – 50000 Rating
  • 13 Rank (Field Marshal/Warlord) – 55000 Rating
  • 14 Rank (Grand Marshal/High Warlord) – 60000 Rating (0.1% of players!)