In the newest Vanilla WoW expansion, the custom 1-70 TBC power leveling is the quickest way to level up a new character. Buy a level boost in TBC to get your character to level 70 quickly and easily without having to farm or grind for weeks.  Only expert boosters who know exactly what to do to offer the most efficient and quick results execute our professional TBC classic powerleveling. Furthermore, we guarantee the accomplishment of all 1-70 leveling carry orders.

Leveling in classic World of Warcraft expansions might be difficult for the typical player because it takes a long time to reach level 70. A casual player may take up to two months to complete the journey. Some users would rather play the actual content than kill thousands of boars for hours. This is where we get involved! Fortunately, our boosters are always willing to assist you. Send us a message right now to avoid the grinding!

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This boot includes:

  • Your character’s desired level;
  • A large number of completed quests and reputation earned;
  • Some flight points earned throughout the boost;
  • Our booster will choose between the Aldors and the Scryers factions based on your requirements.


How our carry service works:

  • Choose your desired options and place your order;
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