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POE Exalter Orbs FAQ
  • What are Exalted Orbs in Path of Exile?

Exalted Orbs are a premier in-game currency in Path of Exile, essential for crafting and trading top-tier gear.

  • Why should I buy Exalted Orbs from Boosting.fun?

Boosting.fun offers a secure and efficient service, saving you time on extensive in-game farming. Acquire the wealth you need for success in PoE effortlessly.

  • Is it safe to purchase Exalted Orbs here?

Absolutely. Boosting.fun prioritizes account safety, employing legal and secure trade methods to ensure a risk-free transaction.

  • How quickly will I receive my Exalted Orbs?

Delivery time is swift, typically within 1-2 hours, depending on the quantity. Boosting.fun aims for quick and reliable service.

  • Can I choose the quantity of Exalted Orbs to purchase?

Yes, you can select your desired amount using our user-friendly slider. Enjoy additional discounts for larger quantities.

  • Are there any specific requirements for purchasing Exalted Orbs?

You need a character in your chosen league and a rare item for trade. Follow our straightforward ordering process for a seamless experience.

  • Is there a risk of being banned for buying Exalted Orbs?

Boosting.fun ensures a 100% safe deal with legal methods. Just make sure the item you trade is rare, and you’ll enjoy a secure and worry-free transaction.

For further queries, our 24/7 support team is always ready to assist you. Unlock the full potential of your Path of Exile journey with Boosting.fun!

  • The desired number of Exalted orbs.
  • We’ll establish contact through our live chat or by sending an email.
  • All the specifics will be arranged in advance, and the starting time will be adjusted to your schedule.
  • You’ll receive a group invitation in the game. Accept it and proceed to your hideout. Accept the trade request from our trader.
  • IMPORTANT: Place a RARE item for the trade. It should NOT be UNIQUE, MAGIC, or any other type besides RARE.
  • Please refrain from discussing any purchase-related matters in the in-game chat. Especially anything indicating the transaction. Adhering to both of these conditions is vital to safeguarding your account.